Eco Cleaning is making sure we are looking after our planet

Are you a commercial cleaner looking for a greener solution?

As a customer do you expect your cleaner to be using products that are kind on our environment?

Greener cleaning solutions have been around a while now and continue to evolve to what they are today. Now they are more bio degradable, environmentally friendly, septic safe and don’t produce toxic fumes for our families and pets to breathe.


As professional cleaners, we all need to create new techniques for greener cleaning and focus on using Australian made eco friendly products like our range of Aussie made Ezy Eco Products and avoid the use of products which contain toxic chemicals

Some brand name traditional cleaning chemical have been proven to emit volatile organic compounds that are causing respiratory, dermatological and other conditions for not only professional cleaners who are using them but also homeowners who come into contact with the chemicals.

Next time you head to the supermarket or need to stock up your cleaning business, think about buying environmentally friendly biodegradable “green” or “eco-friendly” products or jump on our website at and we will post them out.